Gif tutorial :)

What you need:

Photoshop (torrent download)


How to cap using the KMplayer

1. Open the KMplayer, and your video. Go to the scene you want. And press “ctrl + g” and the frame extraction box will pop up :)

Follow this example (copy what I have highlighted)


2. Once you have put in your settings, press “play” on the scene you’re on, and then click “Start” in the frame extraction box. 

3. Once you’ve capped what you want to gif press “stop”, excess frames don’t matter as you can delete them later.

Making the gif:

1. Open photoshop

2. Go to File > Scripts > Load files into stack


3. Select the frames you want to make a gif of:


Then press “ok” and be patient while the frames load :)

4. When the frames have loaded I usually sharpen the layers. By going Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen, and I sharpen each frames 2-3 times. Note: If you’re using high quality caps, sharpen, if you aren’t do not sharpenBut IF you’re making a photoset and using low quality caps, sharpen them and resize them down to 245px. This way they will look higher quality.

5. You now have to go to the animation bar (if you don’t have the animation bar showing go to Window > Animation). On the end of the animation bar is a little button, click it. And go to “Make frames from layers”


If it appears the frames are back to front, click that button again and click “Reverse frames.”

6. Set your gif to the frame time 0.06-0.1


7. Then I color my gif, by using a brightness/contrast layer. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast


I then add a color balance layer, and set it to:


And depends on the scene but a little bit of saturation can make gifs look a bit better. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation and only add about 15-20 of saturation :)

8. Adding text to your gif

Press “t” or go to the type tool


Place your text box on the gif, and type the quote. Fonts that look good are, Arial and Calibri, at 14pt, and white :)

To get the black stroke around the text, double click the text layer:


Then press “okay” and to have the stroke visible on each frame, duplicate the text layer.


And then delete the original text layer. :)

9. Your gif is now ready to be saved. Go to File > Save for web and devices or press “ctrl + alt + shift + s”


The gif I’ve made is only small (245px wide) and it’s for a photoset, so that way I can save it with 256 colors, and 22 frames. But for bigger gifs (500px wide) make sure they’re only 10-11 frames, and that you use darker coloring.

For gifs to move on tumblr they have to be 500px wide or less and they have to be under 500kb.


Once you’ve gotten the gif under 500kb, save it and you’re done! :)

This was my end result:


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